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We love Harry Potter, but...

...the fandom scares the crap out of us

Life On The HP Fringe
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"Perhaps we should start a community called omg not an hp community go away we are harmless for people who want to read HP fic, write HP fic, and discuss HP fic without actually participating in the fandom..."

Inspired by this post, just for the hell of it! This community is for anyone who's ever said:

  • "I love Harry Potter but I'm not one of those scary fans"
  • "Sure, I guess I'd be a [fill in House here], but it's not real"
  • "Who cares about ships, I just want some good [smut, action, humor, etc.]"
  • "They're good books, sure, but still: they were written for kids"
  • "You do know [book character] isn't actually as hot as [movie actor], right?"
  • ...and so forth, usually followed by outraged flames

    Now, what's the community FOR? Oh, uh...dunno yet. It just seemed like a fun idea. ;) Tales of crazy-ass fen are probably welcome, though, or woeful tales of being tarred with the wacky brush because you were caught reading one of the books...perhaps good recs, or what you like about the books/movies without being fanatical about it...and so on and so forth. Anything really so long as nobody takes it too damn seriously! In short: the usual rules of web/LJ etiquette apply, and anyone who gets wanky will be tossed out. (Which will happen at some point, of course. This being an HP community, let's just accept the inevitable and move on.)